One-a-Day project


cyanotype on plaster, found objects
10" x 6" (each)


Combination of plaster and cyanotypes records the absences and traces of light. Material-wise, I found nature of the plaster and cyanotype printing is powerful since they respond to the environment, and for me, it seemed to reflect life. Using absorptive plaster ground and cyanotype through the natural sunlight results uncontrollable change over time. Blue shades of cyanotype disappear and reappear according to the light exposure and plaster absorption. It is almost like a painting is breathing.

However, every life has its end. When I leave the plaster block painted with cyanotype without any editing or blocking the light, it turns into complete darkness (very dark indigo), not allowing any further change. This is when "alive" plaster block is "dead". The moment when cyanotype leaves a glaring white absence of my body part is when it is born.


Stretching beyond the idea of documenting a living artwork, artwork became a source of documentation for myself, capturing the absence from the daily traces. This "one-a-day" set is to find a small object and make a cyano-plaster block with the object as a tool. Then the next day, find another small object and use it as a tool for the new cyano-plaster block, but this time the object that was found the day before should be embedded into the new plaster block.

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