Moving Hills: 동산



muslin, steel rods, robotic cleaner.

The title of the work is called Dong-San (동산), a Korean word directly translates as “the movable property (or estate),” however also the word sounds same as a paradise-like-hill (like Garden of Eden), or an amusement park. 

The original form is plastic dollhouses a.k.a Barbie Dream House, equipped with large windows, fancy balcony, and mechanical lifts. However, its interior is only composed of rooms for domestic purposes; bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and sometimes even a nursery room.

The release of robotic cleaner Roomba in 2002 was dramatic. It was an aspiring introduction to the futuristic 21st century, promising an ultimate liberation from household chores. Now 16 years have passed since then, but we have nothing other than upgraded robotic cleaners, and the housekeeping still requires human labors. I found this "Dreamhouses" and "robotic cleaners" are parallel, where there is a wide discrepancy in an ideal exterior and intolerant interior, an absurd gap between utopia and reality.