laser print on acrylic, LED

Shrines is a marriage between two artists' practice and exploration. Rhine Bernardino’sone year selfie project Shellfish merges with Sorin Choi’s Houses. In Shellfish (2014-2015), Rhine took selfies and post them on Instagram, every hour on the hour for a whole year, while Sorin collected the most popular images using #selfie on the same social networking site that, that she then imprinted incorporating cyanotype on plaster for Houses (2016).


As much as Shrines is a result of an exploration of our time’s dependency on technology and the increasing need
Taking self-portraits and photographs of moments is now beyond just treasuring or sharing them with loved ones. It is becoming a necessity, almost an obligation of which we live our lives around.
of validation and presence in social networking sites, it is also an inquiry on human frailty, a desire to be perceived or crave for the absolute being, an idol - of others or one’s self.