Alive Painting


cyanotype on plaster, hand-sewn books
10" x 6" (each)


Combination of plaster and cyanotypes records the absences and traces of light. Material-wise, I found nature of the plaster and cyanotype printing is powerful since they respond to the environment, and for me it seemed to reflect a life. Using absorptive plaster ground and cyanotype through the natural sunlight results uncontrollable change over time. Blue shades of cyanotype disappear and reappear according to the light exposure and plaster absorption. It is almost like a painting is breathing.


However, every life has its end. When I leave the plaster block painted with cyanotype without any editing or blocking the light, it turns into complete darkness (very dark indigo), not allowing any further change. This is when "alive" plaster block is "dead". The moment when cyanotype leaves a bright white absence of my body part is when it is born. From its "birth", I recorded the change every hour, until the ultimate "death". The following documentation of the plaster block is created as two books, one with images only, and another with texts only. These books are made in equal dimension as the plaster blocks, becoming individual objects beyond a mere documentation. Each page becomes every single object independently.